Leven Rambin Fake Nude

July 25, 2012 | Filed Under Leven Rambin | 8 Comments

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Original fakes by yovodude when re-upload, DO NOT alter my watermark!


8 Responses to “Leven Rambin Fake Nude”

  1. name

    Oh great, another ugly bitch I’ve never heard of.


  2. ^ name ^ is a dumb fuck

    Oh great, another ugly dumb fuck that can’t recognize beauty. Leven Rambin played Rosie on Wizards vs. Angels (with Selena Gomez). She is a blonde but appeared as a redhead in the show. Thanks yovodude, for a beautiful fake of a gorgeous woman.


  3. Hey name whats up with you, yovodude is just trying new people to fake anyways who are you to be talking crap


  4. Hey yovodude what about doing a fake of raquel castro she cute i believe she is 17 if not older


  5. Tom

    Yovodude could you make fakes of Asian celebrity and snsd , michelle chia and rui en


  6. mihawk

    dat tits is huuuuge,
    rarely see your fakes featured big boobies


  7. brenson

    hey i have tryed to photoshop some pics so i could get some of some1 i like but it put her head bigger then the pic i was useing gimp 2.6


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