Selena Gomez Fake Nude

February 24, 2011 | Filed Under Selena Gomez | 15 Comments

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Original fakes by yovodude when re-upload, DO NOT alter my watermark!


15 Responses to “Selena Gomez Fake Nude”

  1. Acdcfan

    Nice fake once again would like to see a Victoria justice fake like this. Keep up the good work


  2. Andywinni

    Thx to you the realy best selena gomez fake ever make next an victoria justice demi lovato lesbian scene


  3. muskieking

    could someone plz send me the bella thorne fakes from the wishlist send to


  4. Cash2274

    that is amazing. if you did like 100 of these, i bet you would get a LOT of donations an support.

    Selena Gomez FTW!


  5. Best fakes

    Amazing fake I bummed so much when I jacked off to it. Make more Miley too plz


  6. Party Boy

    Send me Bella Thorne fakes please:


  7. Selenafan

    The hottest fake ever of her epic work thx for that dude can u send me the bella thorne fake from wishlist to its the last time i ask for it thx


  8. Dylan

    Make a zendaya fake plz I think It would be better than Bella Thorne


  9. nexus

    I agree with Dylan


  10. edward stewart

    Send Zendaya fakes PLEASE! That girl has major league legs!
    As for Selena, great photos, now please send some Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez nude action pics. I want the Bieber hitting that Grade A beaver!


  11. Andywinni

    @edward steward dude i dont want to see selena and justin bieber in fuckaction because no on will see justin bieber naked fucking with selena because most guys hate bieber at the mom


  12. Zoltan youtz

    I love her so much will some one send me good lesbian fakes with Selena Victoria justice and Demi lovato thx


  13. caleb

    this looks just like my gf Ambar!!thnx so muchh


  14. MyName

    My fav of all time


  15. eric

    i love this picture:i like the colors.her.she looks real fucken sweet.WOW!!!nice work.


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