Selena Gomez Fake Nude

February 8, 2011 | Filed Under Selena Gomez | 9 Comments

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Original fakes by yovodude when re-upload, DO NOT alter my watermark!


9 Responses to “Selena Gomez Fake Nude”

  1. Acdcfan

    Awesome man would love to see Victoria justice and Ariana grande doing something like this as well. THUMB’S UP IF YOU AGREE!


  2. Andywinni

    Dude this is the hottest selena fake ever @acdcfan i agree with u victoria&ariana together on 1 picture is will be awsome


  3. Acdcfan

    Ok then we shall wait then bummer


  4. Jtread

    Yeah ok u should try to make some more of Miley she’s hot


  5. Acdcfan

    Ok well then could you make more Miley Cyrus fakes


  6. Andywinni

    Ok buddy than we wait but how about a new miley cyrus our a fake where miley and demi lovato be together on one picture have never see that befor anywere that would be an awsome pic


  7. eric

    selena never seems to not look sexy.but i promise shed have a better time riding MY dick than dick is nicer and bigger,and i know how to love to be able to prove it.anyway, she always looks sexy.


  8. que todas salgan en imagenes masturbandose


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